Director and Advisor for Local Governments, Statutory Agencies and Private Companies

After decades of a full time professional and leadership career in a variety of industries, Greg Chemello established strateGC in 2023 to deliver strategic advisory services to a select group of organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Balanced a Sequence of CEO and Board Roles since 2012

About Greg Chemello

Greg Chemello has had a wide and varied career focused on public and private sector organisations undergoing challenging substantial transformation.

Greg has been a member (and now Fellow) of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) since 1992 and has been a Director of, or reported directly to, a number of Boards since that time. For the last decade of his full-time career, Greg concurrently balanced a sequence of CEO and executive leadership roles with several Board positions.

Greg’s expertise and leadership are particularly relevant to planning and property development, project delivery and governance, local governance, corporate governance, stakeholder and community engagement and the often-challenging government/business interface.

He has been a successful driver and leader of organisational and cultural change in public and private sector organisations and continues to have a hunger for delivering results in the areas of economic and community development.

Solving complex situations and providing strategic advice.

Organisations And Agencies Represented

Skills and Experience

Greg’s 40 years’ experience encompasses land use and infrastructure planning, property development, development project delivery, economic development, stakeholder and community engagement and corporate governance. Over the last 20 years, his leadership has focused on public and private sector asset owners and private sector development advisory/consulting businesses experiencing substantial transformation.

Greg has been a leader in rapidly growing companies in the property development sector, state government agencies reforming due to changing political direction or declining due to regulatory change and led the start-up of new organisations in both the public and private sectors.
Over these years, Greg has acquired skills and expertise in:

  • Transformational leadership and organizational change
  • Strategic business planning
  • Governance reform, especially local government
  • Major development project planning, approval and delivery
  • Stakeholder and community engagement and management
  • Contractual and commercial negotiations and relationships
  • Policy and operational review and reform

Executive Story and Current Interests

Greg’s executive career spans between a diverse range of industries including Local Governance, State Planning and Development, Property Development and Project Services, Public Venue Development and Management and more. Listed below are more details of each of these organisations and roles.

From 2018 to 2023, Greg progressed through three key roles in the leadership and transformation of local government in Queensland. From being acting Director-General of the Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs, Greg was appointed by the Queensland Government as Interim Administrator of Ipswich City Council (following sacking of that elected Council by the Queensland Parliament) and then Chief Executive Officer of Moreton Bay Regional Council, Australia’s third largest (and rapidly growing) local government.

From 2023 to 2018, Greg led the reform of Queensland’s land use planning and development assessment framework as Deputy Director-General, Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning before moving to General Manager, Economic Development Queensland to lead the revival of this specialist planning and property development arm of the state.

From 2005 to 2012, Greg led professional teams in the planning, design, development and project management sectors. As General Manager, Stockwell Design and Construction Pty Ltd, General Manager ML Design Pty Ltd and then Director, Ranbury Management Group, all three businesses went through significant growth in turnover, staff and net profit during Greg’s roles.

From 1998 to 2004, Greg focused on the development and operation of stadiums and public venues. Initially as Development Manager, Brisbane Cricket Ground Trust, leading the project delivery team for the Gabba redevelopment for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Football (soccer) Tournament. Greg then moved to Manager Major Venues, Brisbane City Council to manage the Council’s 24 sport, recreation and entertainment venues but primarily to transfer the major venues to the state as the “trigger” to establish the Major Sports Facilities Authority (now Stadiums Queensland), becoming General Manager Operations, MSFA.

Greg started his career with the Queensland Coordinator-General/Premier’s Department, progressing through various roles in the Planning and Environment, Trade and Investment and State Economic Development Strategy teams before moving to the private sector to manage a pilot World Trade Centre in Brisbane, with roles as Development Manager, Fricker Developments Pty Ltd and later Managing Director WTC Brisbane Pty Ltd.

Current Interests

Currently, Greg is Director, Advisor, and Member representing the following:

Peak Services, Peak Services Holdings and Local Buy are companies owned by the Local Government Association of Queensland and provide a range of services to local governments in the areas of procurement, legal and workforce, training, after hours call centre, recruitment, probity and consulting.

The CPM group of companies provide a range of services in the areas of project management, civil construction management, design management, hospitality, renewable energy and strategic advisory services

Davidson’s business advisory team provides clients with tools, strategies and advice to optimise performance and workforces, manage risk and ensure operational efficiency.

Appointed as a ‘person who represents local government’ under s102 of the Prostitution Act 1999 to the board of this statutory authority that regulates brothels across Queensland.

Providing strategic advisory services to the Board, CEO and senior executives relating to land use planning, property development and infrastructure delivery issues.

Providing advice regarding development strategy, project assembly and deal structuring.

The Tribunal hears and decides complaints of misconduct by councillors and investigates suspected inappropriate conducts by councillors in Queensland.

A Professional, Respected, Calm and Trusted Leader and Advisor

Previous Boards

Greg’s prior Board roles are summarised below.

Moreton Bay Council owned company responsible for development of the Mill at Moreton Bay PDA as a regional knowledge, health and innovation precinct.

As part of transformational board appointed to reinvigorate this fund raising and community health Foundation.

Linked to Ipswich City Council Administrator role, appointed as Ipswich representative to COMSEQ.

Linked to Administrator role aiming to transfer functions to an independent organisation and close the company.

As Administrator, responsible for leading the closure of these companies and return of assets to the council.

Appointed by the state government to provide strategic direction to Economic Development Queensland (EDQ).

Provided strategic advice to the University’s Planning School regarding education and outreach programs.

Strategic direction for the growth of this group of development services businesses.

Strategic direction for Ranbury subsidiary in the project programming field and facility management field.

Setting strategy and leading operations for a pilot World Trade Centre.

Contact Greg Chemello

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